About us

Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares is known world wide and has performed over 1200 concerts  in the most prestigious halls around the world. The Grammy award  winning  choir  specializes in both traditional and contemporary  Bulgarian folk music and  performs a cappella under  the expert  direction of conductor  Prof Dora Hristova PhD.

One of the most distinctive groups in the world (Columbus Dispatch, 6 Dec 2006), gives concerts of unearthly beauty for the enthused and very often cheering audience. The choir’s secret weapon is its harmonies that break your heart. To Western ears the intervals –the blended   note choices are unusual even dissonant. Their microtonal harmonies provide a distinctive drone almost ungodly in its beauty. The fascination concerns one of the most unique sounds in music: multi-part a cappella arrangements delivered by up to 23 women dressed in traditional costumes representing the different folklore regions in Bulgaria.

The “mystery” is in just how they combine diaphonic singing and dissonant harmonies to produce a breathtaking, otherworldly sound somewhere between the Muslim call to prayer and the Beach Boys.  /Guardian 7 Nov 2011/.

The  magic of the ensemble stems in their  success in mastering Bulgaria’s diverse and age-old vocal traditions and at the same time in sounding  strikingly modern and original, thanks to the  unique  choral music arrangements.

The choir perform a two part concert of 45 min each part and sing songs that tell about life and old traditions in Bulgaria. In the past, small groups of young men and women would meet for “work parties,” an excuse to get together, flirt, and exchange the vivid, full-voiced songs that formed the backbone of courtship across rural Bulgaria. Women would sing to the first signs of spring, to the harvest, and to the festive days around Christmas and Easter. With stops and glides that resounded magically off the mountainsides and across the fields surrounding these remote communities, Bulgarian women used their voices to awaken the love of their future husbands, the bounty of nature, and the joys of the season.