Why The Mystery

Why The MYSTERY of the Bulgarian Voices?

The appeal of the group has to do with the beauty of its sound, the character of its music and the connection of this music with universal human feelings and experiences. “ It is a natural, piercing sound for the outdoors to carry across the fields or from hilltop to hilltop. The sound is created in the larynx, it resonates in the chest. It requires great pressure of the breath to create the sound and you must be very strong to sing in this fashion.” (Dora Hristova)

“The Bulgarian songs have clear, forceful melodies and the solo voices are both penetrating and refined, full of character. In dramatic arrangements with angel’s chords giving way to dance rhythms of eerie group slides and yelps, the voices demand attention and reward with thrills, chills, humor and suspense. A song will start out with one voice, then two, then unfold with a full choir; a pause may signal a floating harmony or a leap into dance rhythm” (San Francisco Chronicle).

“Their tangled lines, ornamented with micro tone flourishes are as intricate as Arabic calligraphy. At times the air seems to shiver as if the huge colorful windows behind the singer were about to shatter” (The New York Post)

The sound of the choir attracts fans of vocal music, opera, ethnic and rock music. The choir’s worldwide audience comprises  such celebrities as Linda Rondstadt, Paul Simon, Bobby McFerrin, Midori… /Boston Globe/

“Bulgarian music is stunningly beautiful, the voices are exceptional, the melodies are extraordinary and I think people are just stunned by it. The asymmetric meters are very compelling and the vocal style is just magic.”, says Duran (The New York Times).

“Employing vocal techniques that defy western traditions of voice production the singers juxtapose flat, nasal tones with  full, round ones; dissonant, unearthly harmonies with consonant blends right out of Christian hymn; slow trance-like shifts in texture and harmony with  complex, percussive, rapid-fire rhythms…..music is  breathtaking in its sublime beauty… ”The Los Angeles Times”

“The choir explored a wide variety of harmonies, rhythms and vocal techniques producing a blend of modern tonalities with rich folklore traditions. Harmonic dissonances were the vital tool in creating the rich fabric of sound” (Hong Kong  Music and Art Services Co, Press clip)

“One can only marvel at the standard of musicianship here, at how secure these voices are at sounding and sustaining the most difficult and dissonant intervals that are characteristic of this unusual, assimilative and beautiful national music.” (Boston Globe)

The Choir’s music has become a popular complement for a wide range of artistic endeavors including film soundtracks, commercials, modern dance choreography.